Interior Design for Healthy Aging 
Living Your Best Life After 60
 "As an interior designer and gerontologist, I'm excited about the new design concepts, ergonomic furnishings, and technologies that can give us a greater sense of comfort, safety, and freedom in our own homes. Whether you are a boomer considering renovating your home, a caregiver caring for a parent or spouse, or just exploring lifestyle options at this stage in your life, discover how to redesign your living space so you can lead an active, rewarding life, to the best of your capabilities - at any age."   

Rosemary Bakker, ASID, MS
 Author, AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home -
 Beautiful Living for the Second Half of Life  


AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home


Your home is your haven, and well it should be - and for as long as you like. In fact, most adults over 45 want to remain in  their current residence and never move. But age-related physical changes in the second half of life can make your home itself an obstacle to staying in the place that means so much to you.

Filled with hundreds of informative fixes and inspiring photos, Rosemary’s book, AARP’s Guide to Revitalizing Your Home, illustrates how comfort, safety, and access can be attractive  and appealing. You’ll also learn many smart technology solutions, quick DIY ideas, longevity essentials for health and happiness, and tips on safety and going green.


  In Rosemary’s book, AARP’s Guide to Revitalizing Your Home, you will -

 • Learn four key principles of universal design to create stylish, accessible living spaces that everyone can use.
• Assess your home - inside and out - to determine how well it suits your family’s current lifestyle and what it would take to adapt it to meet future needs.
• Discover appealing solutions that incorporate universal design features in every room and outdoor space.
• Find out about simple DIY fixes, innovative products, stylish décor ideas, and eco-friendly options.


About Rosemary 

Rosemary Bakker is a certified interior designer and has a Master's of Science in Gerontology. Rosemary was on academic staff at Weill Cornell Medical College for over a decade in the Division of Geriatrics.  During the last 25 years, Rosemary has assumed a leading role in promoting the role of the environment and technologies to optimize the health, function, and well being of the 60 plus. Additionally, she is a home safety specialist and works with geriatric care managers to conduct home safety assessments to help their clients age with greater safety and function in their own homes. Rosemary has consulted on interior design for wellness for a variety of living environments, including single family homes, senior housing, and healthcare facilities. A dynamic speaker, she has presented to diverse audiences, including the 60 plus, health care and aging service professionals, interior designers, housing experts, Fortune 500 corporations, Centers for Disease Control, MOMA, the Alzheimer's Association, and the United Nations. Rosemary was a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio and was featured in the Public Lives column of The New York Times and in AARP The Magazine.