Design for Dementia

Rosemary was the Director of, an award winning multimedia website on best practices in dementia care, home safety and design for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. In July 2010, ThisCaringHome won the 2010 National Alzheimer’s Caregiver Recognition Award from Met Life and the National Caregiver Alliance!
Rosemary is a former caregiver to her mother, Arlene, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She understands first-hand how difficult and rewarding caregiving can be. Most importantly, she learned how a dementia-friendly environment can make caregiving less difficult and more fulfilling.  She created ThisCaringHome, a 350-page multimedia website, with videos, animations, photographs, product listings and consumer guides, to provide essential resources for caregivers to better manage the unique behavioral and safety challenges associated with dementia., a project of Weill Cornell Medical College, was designed to be visually enjoyable, inspiring, and easy to use.  A unique aspect of this website is its Virtual Home Safety section that allows visitors to explore research-based solutions to home safety and daily care issues by a simple mouse click over a room in the house. Interactive media allows viewers to virtually witness caregivers and persons with Alzheimer’s using safety features such as grab bars and stove turn off devices.


ThisCaringHome can increase the positive rewards of caregiving, as caregivers can learn to provide a supportive home environment in which both the person and caregiver can flourish.  The website also provides information to help the person with Alzheimer’s live a healthier, more meaningful life. ThisCaringHome provides social networking so caregivers can share information, ask questions, and find support from the online community.


As Alzheimer’s care requires a team approach, an Advisory Board of 14 experts, including social workers, dementia specialists, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists provided reviews of all key facts and recommendations. ThisCaringHome is a new resource for family caregivers, but will also provide invaluable information, instruction, and support for healthcare providers and social service professionals dealing with dementia and memory loss issues.


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